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Top Up Prepaid Credit and Minutes in Romania

If you are, like myself, a keen traveler of the world you will sooner or later have to discover Romania. Once I go to a foreign country, I started making a habit out of getting myself a prepaid and easy to top up sim card (got quite the collection already) and I recommend you do the same, when you get to Romania, to safe yourself some money. Romanian mobile operating network is quite developed and you will have no problem to get yourself a prepaid (pay-as-you-go) sim card, to top up prepaid credit online and offline, to get yourself started. Since the big players entered the market, such as Orange Romania and Vodafone Romania, the market got quite competitive, so that today, all the mobile network providers offer you great deals when you top up prepaid credit/minutes online in Romania and in many cases you get bonRecharge mobile credit in Romaniaus credit/minutes when you top up your prepaid sim card.

Here we are going to explore the different providers that offer prepaid (pay-as-you-go) sim cards and the top up bonus minutes/credit you get for a 10 € top up.

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