Is a Smartphone on a Prepaid Plan in Romania a Clever Choice?

Most people would like to have a smartphone. The convenience you experience, using a smartphone, is incredible. It’s like having an organizer, laptop and phone in one. Unfortunately they usually don’t come cheap and mobile network operators are constantly advertising their newest and most advanced products and try to make them appear cheaper by trying to bind their customers with the help of the lovely thing called a contract.

In this article I want to explore, if you could get a smartphone while using a prepaid card. I have found out that there are various attractive plans and a few feasible smartphones out there when you have a closer look. Obviously you won’t get the newest technology but these phones should do the trick. So lets explore!


First I’ll get on with Vodafone Romania:

I’m starting off with Vodafone Romania, because they are the only carrier that actually has a smartphone package, for prepaid cards. You get a Vodafone Smart II  and a prepaid card, including some initial mobile credit. The Vodafone Smart is one of Vodafone’s branded phones. It is performing on an Android operating system , and let’s you browse the internet, make Videos and take pictures, play music and has GPS integrated.

Vodafone Romania offers a really interesting prepaid card (pay as you go) along with the cellphone. Initially, you will get 3000 min/sms into the Vodafone network and 75 minutes to other networks and for international calls. Additionally you will get 250 MB to surf the Internet with. To keep this plan activated you would have to pay 7 Euros each month! The 250 MB are enough to get you through a month on without going crazy! If you use it to stream loads of videos, it wont be enough! Vodafone Rumania sells the Package (Smartphone + Prepaid Sim) for just 104€. This includes a top up voucher of 10€.

Orange Romania is next in line:

Orange does not have such a fancy offer as Vodafone. But nevertheless you can piece it together yourself. Firstly, you would have to get a smartphone. The cheapest one I could dig up, would be the Motorola Defy Mini, which is an Android based smart phone, fitted with GPS service, a camera for pictures and clips, music and has a touchscreen. Another benefit is that it is supposed to be waterproof and should be shock resistant. You can buy the phone at the Orange store for 161.20 Euros, which is not too bad.

Then you will have to get yourself a prepaid plan. Orange has various prepaid cards to offer but the most suitable prepaid plan I found starts, will start you off with only 5€, for which you will get 3000 min/sms into the Orange network, 75 min/sms into international and other networks. This is a slightly better offer than Vodafone’s at the first glance. But what is not included here, is the Internet! Here you can add-on various amounts, starting with 10 MB for 2€, 100 MB for 4€ and 500 MB for 6€. That makes the Orange an expensive option if you figure that you need a lot of Internet. I personally think 10 MB are just enough to check your e-mails and maybe find your way around town but if you want to listen to radios, look up loads of sites and use your phone for other things, than you would need at least 100 MB.

Lets take a look at Cosmote:

Cosmote Romania is well k own for its fantastic prepaid plans and offers. They have a long list of plans with all different sorts of add-on and bonus options. The one that is probably the most feasible for our purposes here is the Cartela Vibe option. One you top it up with 5 Euros, you can activate the Xpand extra-option, which gives you 75 international and national minutes, 75 sms to other national networks and 3000 min/sms to other Cosmote user. Plus, you get 75 MB mobile data traffic, which is just about enough to enjoy the advantages of surfing the net. Now that is a very cheap offer, which beats the Orange AND Vodafone. But once again, no smartphone included. Once again I would recommend the Motorola Defy Mini. Unfortunately there are no prices stated on Cosmotes webpage.

In my opinion Vodafone’s package is the clear winner here. They offer a good smartphone with great minutes and loads of web traffic data! It is the complete package!


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