How to reload your prepaid phone in Poland

In this article I’m going to highlight the option you have to recharge your prepaid phones in Poland. There are various ways to top your cell phone, some more convenient than others!

 Recharging via scratch card

This traditional way tot o top up your prepaid card is relatively time consuming and not necessary the safest method. You will have to pay attention to card you purchase. Make sure the protection layer oft he card has not been rubbed off or altered. The length oft he code is cumbersome to activate and you cannot always know whether it has been used before or not. Make sure you only buy these cards of a dealer you trust!

At times you can also benefit from these scratch cards, by getting some extra mobile credit or airtime. It is also convenient to use these cards when you do not have access to the Internet or official shops and locations where you can recharge your phone directly.

Topping up Online

An online top up offers you simply more flexibility! Usually you can vary the amount you would like to top up. Instead of having to recharge fixed amounts of 10 or 20 zl. you can charge flexible amounts, such as 23 zl. Additionally you pay with your preferred payment method. Most online sites allow you to pay with credit card or via direct banking. The top up is usually received within a few minutes. It is especially convenient for people, who are on the move and do not have time to get to a shop or need to recharge their phone abroad. It is probably the most convenient way to charge your phone.

Top up via ATM

A relatively new way to recharge your mobile phone is to top up via an ATM machine. Some ATM’s are designated machines, which allow instant top ups. You obviously need a bank account of some sorts and some money on there. After entering you pin code you will have to select the option „top up“ and your mobile network operator. Then you will need to type in the number of the phone you would like to charge. Make sure you type in the correct number since the banks are not very forgiving when you make a mistake.

Top up at a Terminal

The Terminal can usually be found at various Points of Sale. On these Terminals you can usually choose how much top up you want to buy at a time. The Terminal will give either a code that you may use to “activate” your mobile credit or it will directly top up your phone after stating you cellphone number.

Hopefully you have discovered your preferred way of topping up your phone, or maybe even a combination suiting your individual needs! Or maybe you have discovered here a way to recharge your phone that you haven’t yet considered!

Let me know what you think!


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