Prepaid Plans in Beautiful Poland

Top Up Mobile Credit in Poland

Top Up Mobile Credit in Poland

Poland, with its rich history, has been going through a lot of change in the last few decades! A lot has changed for the better but also a lot has changed for the worse. So lets focus on the bright side of life! One thing that does almost work perfectly nowadays is that the telecommunication in Poland is just as strong as  in most country in the world!

Poland has many mobile network operators who are all competing with each other fiercely over the prepaid market! Some operators are so innovative, that they even offer a mix between postpaid and prepaid which are all easily topped up! These allow you to top up your prepaid phones with mobile credit, which in return allow you to switch to a plan that gives you airtime (mobile minutes) and messages! They offer a range of these plans that meet various needs when you top up your mobile phone in Poland.

This is the list of the most important mobile network operators in Poland, that offer competitive prepaid and pay-as-you-go plans.

Plus Poland

This network operator has more than 14 million subscribers in Poland. They have great prepaid offers and easy mobile credit top up solutions.

T-Mobile Poland

They have around 13 million customers and are the third largest operator in Poland. T-Mobile Poland will grant you 40 SMS and 10 min airtime or even 120 SMS and 30 min airtime when you top up mobile credit.

Orange Poland

Orange is a huge mobile network and has over 14 million subscribers in Poland.

Play Poland

Play is a relatively young mobile network operator and is therefore the forth-largest mobile network operator in Poland. Play offers great Web browsing upgrades for as little as 5 PLN when you top up mobile credit.

As in most countries I have been to the experience is very much the same. You can top up your prepaid mobile credit in the official shops of the network operators. Alternatively you can top up your mobile credit at other point of sales locations, where you can buy scratch cards or voucher receipts. Some operator, such as Play Poland let you top up your mobile credit by using an ATM, but you obviously need to have a polish bank account to top up your mobile credit with this option!

Alternative measures are doing it online! Here you have various options, many professional sites and many less professional sites. The most acclaimed that I have come across are transferto, ezetop and These sites have a large customer base and provide their services worldwide. But they obviously charge you a fee when you top up mobile credit with them. But the good thing is that not all of them are expensive. Transferto and eyetop are charging from 25%-50% on your mobile credit top up, depending on the amount that is recharged. is traditionally charging a lot less and will probably not exceed 25% per top up!

Most of the times when you top up your airtime, you will receive your top up within a few minutes but sometimes it can take a little longer, but don’t despair since in the majority of cases you will receive your top up of mobile credit.

How much mobile credit you top up will determine the amount of time you have, to talk of that airtime you have topped up. The more you top up the longer your sim card will stay active! If you don’t want to lose your mobile credit, you will have to top up some more and the new mobile credit will be added to your old top up amount.

A little tip, when you top up more than 100 PLN (around 25 EUR) of mobile credit you will start to get free minutes and SMS.

Enjoy chatting in Poland!



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2 responses to “Prepaid Plans in Beautiful Poland

  1. Mr. Surka

    Hey, I actually wanted to send my little cousin who lives in Krakow some top up but I couldn’t find one bloody thing! Thanks for the post i’ll see which one of those I will use! cheap fees on top ups sounds always better! 🙂
    Greetings from LDN

    • Hello Mr Surka!

      Thank you for your comment! Very kind of you to think of your family! I’m sure your Cousin will appreciate some mobile credit 🙂
      Let me know the experience you made with the service, I;m thinking about writing a review about some of these service providers!


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